What If 2013

Wallace, a medical school dropout, has been repeatedly burned by bad relationships. So while everyone around him, including his roommate Allan, seems to be finding the perfect partner, Wallace decides to put his love life on hold. It is then that he meets Chantry, an animator who lives with her long term boyfriend Ben. Wallace and Chantry form an instant connection, striking up a close friendship. But there is no denying the chemistry between them, leading the pair to wonder: what if the love of your life is actually your best friend?

What if... 2010

Fifteen years ago, Ben Walker made a decision to leave his college sweetheart and ultimately his faith, in order to pursue a lucrative business opportunity. Now with a high-paying career and a trophy fiancé, he is visited by an angel, who gives him a glimpse into what his life would look like had he followed his calling.

What If... 2012

Athens - Greece - The age of Economic crisis Demetris is a highly independent man who lives a normal life. A confirmed bachelor at the age of 33! When a moment arrives, his choice at that point in time will change everything. His roommate is a female German Shepherd called Lonesome. One night, after supper, Lonesome wants to be taken out. Demetris tries to change her mind but Lonesome insists Its at this moment that he comes to a decision. This decision will change his entire life. If Demetris goes out he will meet Christina, the love of his life. If he stays in, he will not meet her. Does true love exist? What is the impact of a severe economic crisis on people and how can the crisis destroy a couple? One story shown from two different angles.

What if it Works? 2017

Adrian, an irrepressibly chirpy tech nerd, has OCD. Grace, a beautiful street artist, has multiple personality disorder. It's a love story that seems impossible. But what if it works?

What If...? 1972

A humorous story about people who before doing anything imagine all possible unpleasant consequences of their action and in the end decide that they better do not do anything.

What If.. 2015

1991, Riga Latvia. Lena, a child of divorced parents, escapes from home in the middle of the night when she is fed up with her fathers drinking habits. That's when her journey back home begins.

What If 2014

The animated film is a series of tales about animal life, friendship and being close. A declaration of love; the relationship between young and old, and about the desire to go on wonderful, fantastic adventures. It is produced for the youngest audience and their parents. Based from Lena Sjöbergs highly acclaimed book with the same name.

What if 2011

What !f is the first film to showcase the progression and limitless boundaries of off-road riding. Featuring today’s best riders showcasing their talents in front of some of the best cinematographers around, this film will not disappoint. From the tight trees of the East, to the wide-open terrain of the West, the athletes of What !f prove again and again that no terrain is out of reach.

What If 2012

A rendering of Rudyard Kipling's IF, What If is a short film that tells the story of a boy who learns fundamental life lessons on nobility, patience, generosity and how to become an admirable young man.

What If... 2010

15 years ago, Ben Walker left his girlfriend and his ministry calling for a business opportunity. Now with a high-paying career and a trophy fiancé, he is visited by an angel, who gives him a glimpse into what his life would look like had he followed his calling.

Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth 2000

Another spoof of the Scream/I Know What You Did Last Summer horror gene involving a group of popular high school students stalked by a bumbling masked killer while a dogged reporter named Hagitha Utslay covers the story and of the plight of the prime suspect and transfer student Dawson.

What If God Were the Sun? 2007

A grieving nurse finds comfort and inspiration in her new assignment, where she meets a terminally ill woman with a quick with and strong faith.

And What if It Works! 1978

Parrot sets forth for a nest. But he foots. Appears is afraid to fly, because never tried.

What If Cannabis Cured Cancer 2010

Could the chemicals found in marijuana prevent and even heal several deadly cancers? Could the tumor regulating properties of cannabinoids someday replace the debilitating drugs, chemotherapy, and radiation that harms as often as it heals? Discover the truth about this ancient medicine as world renowned scientists in the field of cannabinoid research explain and illustrate their truly mind-blowing discoveries. QUOTES: "What If Cannabis Cured Cancer summarizes the remarkable research findings of recent years about the cancer-protective effects of novel compounds in marijuana. Most medical doctors are not aware of this information and its implications for prevention and treatment. If we need more evidence that our current policy on cannabis is counterproductive and foolish, here it is." -Andrew Weil, M.D. "A hugely important film" - Julie Holland, M.D. NYU School of Medicine

If I Knew What You Said 2009

Deaf dancing boy meets troubled rocker chick in a Baguio camp for Deaf and hearing kids where find that they have more in common with each other including a love for music.

What If? 2011

A sketch show with each sketch beginning with the question “what if.” A roller coaster of sketches that immerses you in life as it almost could be.

What if? 2013

What if mechanics told us the truth? What if Barbie and Ken really existed? What if hockey players were always polite with each other? These are the kinds of set-ups explored in this irreverent, absurd and nutty sketch comedy television show.

Laow (What If) 2014

Laow is a Middle Eastern romance/drama that is set in Lebanon that shines a negative light on marriage infidelity in society.

What If God Were the Sun?

What If God Were the Sun? is a 2007 American television film directed by Stephen Tolkin and starring Lacey Chabert and Gena Rowlands. Written by Janet Dulin Jones and Jamie Pachino, based in part on a novel by John Edward, the film is about a dedicated nurse whose life is disrupted by her father's death. After losing her job, she finds comfort and inspiration in caring for a terminally ill woman with a quick wit and strong faith. What If God Were the Sun? was originally broadcast by Lifetime Television on May 14, 2007.

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