With a wide portfolio of clients, the crypto exchange managed by Chang Now is one of the most secure and reliable that exists today

Cryptocurrencies as assets are a bit tricky to manipulate because of their high value. In Change Now, the necessary time is taken for each process to be carried out transparently.

That is why the different waiting times by customers vary with each transaction since there is a process of data verification, including the wallet, payment, and other issues.
This data verification process must be well valued by the system to generate the transaction. They are bringing as a benefit that the client feels comfortable, because the responsibility and security of the system are in their favor.
Each crypto exchange has a specific amount of active crypto, and depending on the amount, the verification time varies. This is a step implemented in Change Now to avoid money bouncing the difficulty of changes.
If the purchase according to the bitcoin rate is more than 1 BTC, the time varies between 20 to 30 min. Stipulated time to choose the necessary cryptocurrency, verification of payment by the client, the wallet, and the deposit.
For those who have done crypto exchange on Change Now, each of them left a comment regarding the service, demonstrating the seriousness and profession of the website in crypto assets so that new customers can trust the website.
Change Now is one of the most specialized pages in crypto exchange; internal verification methods are very indispensable. Since using the same methods, robberies on the web have been made impossible.
The company saves the information and investment of clients who trust in the digital transfer system. The have the support of the same system to ensure the transfer of currencies, the purchase and exchange of them.
Be part of the large portfolio of clients that Change Now has, changed your currencies, sell them, or buy within the system. They have the confidence and security that each investment made will be safe and reliable, being demonstrated by the references and good score.
It enjoys fast and instant cryptocurrency exchanges, with minuscule wait times depending on the number of assets. The security and support of the money invested accompanied by the care of personal identity; all this is possible at Change Now.

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